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About US

After drinking coffee across 20 countries and living in Washington State (the coffee hub of America), we knew we had to start a business centered around coffee. In early 2020, two brothers’ dream of opening a coffee shop morphed into Retro Coffee and Donuts served out of a Citroen H Van shipped over from Argentina. In the creation of this business, we wanted three things to stand out to our customers: the vintage truck, our old-school business principles (bringing back the person-to-person interaction), and serving quality products.



The best beverage creation on this planet….coffee! We have become good friends with the great people at J Brooks, a local Memphis roaster who has served great coffee in the Mid-South for over a decade. We are proud to serve their coffees whose origins span the globe including countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. Not very knowledgeable about coffee? You can be assured you won’t be judged and we will find what drink works for you according to your own taste preferences!!




If it’s worth doing…it’s worth doing well. How does that apply to donuts? Freshness. We always make our donuts made to order. What’s even better? Fresh mini donuts! We’re always thinking of new glazes, toppings, and crazy combinations. Maybe the best part? Because they’re mini donuts, you have options for multiple flavors- up to three flavors per mini dozen.


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