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1) Do you do private events?

Yes of course! We have done dozens of both public and private events to include the following:
baby shower, weddings, various corporate parties and events, schools (both staff and students),
art fairs, car shows, and probably a few others that we aren’t even remembering to put on here.
The truth is, we are willing to do any event and we are pretty obsessed with ensuring that your
guests/team are absolutely thrilled by having us there. We put a lot of thought into how to
make each event special as they certainly are not one size fits all.

2) What is the cost of events?

As each event is not one size fits all, the cost is according to several factors of the event to
include the following: time to serve, number of people we are serving, and day
(weekends/evenings will have higher minimums).

3) Will you do only coffee or only donuts for an event?

Yes, we are open to whatever you are wanting us to serve, but we must add that the events
where we have done only one…the customers are always begging for both coffee and donuts!


1) Do you have any alternative milks for coffee drinks?

Yes, We serve oatmilk as an alternative to dairy. Why oatmilk? It has been proven as the most
creamy and the best tasting alternative to dairy when steamed. There are many other options
other coffee businesses will use, but due to both space constraints and wanting to serve the
highest quality product, we have chosen to use oatmilk.

2) Do you have gluten-free donuts?

Unfortunately, we do not at this time. As we are currently running solely out of a food truck, we
are extremely limited on space and do not have sufficient room for an additional donut maker.
With this in mind, we don’t see any scenario we will be able to serve gluten-free out of the truck
due to cross-contamination. As we are hoping one day to serve out of a brick-n-mortar, we will
most certainly have a gluten-free option.
3) Can we get fewer donuts than a half dozen?
Our donuts are mini donuts (donut hole size), hence a half dozen being our smallest option.


1) Where will your truck be and when?

We post our schedule every Sunday afternoon on Instagram (@retrocoffeeanddonuts),
Facebook, and here on our website. Our most common spots are on the east side of Sea Isle Park
on Estate Dr in East Memphis., Windward Slopes Park in Lakeland, and Bartlett Hills Baptist
Church in Bartlett.



1) What is your favorite part of Retro Coffee and Donuts?

So glad you asked! I think we have an awesome team that really enjoys serving our
customers. Sounds cliché…but we really do have fun, and much of that fun involves our
everyday interactions, whether it’s a smiling family, handing out our dog treats (mini
donuts), or making someone’s day just a bit better. Truth be told, if we didn’t enjoy hanging
out with the people we serve, we would go ahead and shut it down. The number one goal of
our business is treating every single person well- whether that be our staff, customers, and
sometimes people who can’t purchase our products for one reason or another. We hope
you notice this when you stop by!

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